Which company produces the most tyres annually?





The correct answer is LEGO, The LEGO Group produces 15 billion components a year – that’s 28,500 a minute. The factory also produces 306 million tiny rubber tyres a year, making it the world’s No. 1 tyre manufacturer.

Read “Plastic Bricks that conquered the world” for more trivia about Lego.

14 Responses to Which company produces the most tyres annually?

  1. joyce ira says:

    auff no! ang galing ng LEGO! lolz

  2. gabby says:

    cool beans! :mrgreen:

  3. Wow! I never realized this! Really quite a funny piece of trivia!

  4. Vijay Teki says:

    But even then why is there always shortage of wheels?

  5. Vijay Teki says:

    … and in spite of that Technic wheels are not available in the market (Dubai) 😥 😥 . Can I order them online? Thanks, VJ

  6. No way! Thats hilarious! Thanks for this article…made me smile!

  7. Tyres says:

    HAHAHAHA! wow the post was very informative and made me laugh. 😆
    anyway, thanks for that kind of info…

  8. Door Expert says:

    Hehe, good answer! I was actually searching for the full tyre answer, but this would make a good result!

  9. Well i never. Who would have thought it!

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