Tôi yêu em

my jivy

12 Responses to Tôi yêu em

  1. joyce ira says:

    em yeu anh 😀 chuc ngu ngon 🙂

  2. pho-bo boy says:

    Tôi yêu my ASS!!

    oh no!!!

  3. nestle poell says:

    matulog ka na rodel!

  4. joyce ira says:

    ikaw din sweet…me pasok ka pa bukas, ako din pala 😀

  5. chada man! says:

    bau nyu tin?

    hai li tra da?

    wanting some phobo noi?

    ohhh no!!!!

  6. nestle poell says:

    si rodel kinikilig kasi kumain ng adobo! nagpalit pa nga ng pic sa friendster.. tsk tsk tsk.

    matulog na tau!

  7. hu tiu mi says:

    tai sao hai anh khong di ngo???

    hai anh, khong dep trai 😛

  8. chi oi! says:

    i am chi oi.. maybe you dont know me that well.. but you know if you love someone.. just eat PHOBO!! phobo makes you strong, makes you happy, so i will be waiting in my store.. using my Cordless Landline.. your TSA DA is ready.. want some more??? i know you drink a lot of this.. it makes your body clean.. i hope this post makes sense to you guys.. just remember chi oi is always here to serve your needs.. ayt?!! did i spelled that ryt?

    lets fix da world up instead of the song “money makes the world go around” lets make it “PHO BO makes the world around”

    ABOBO beats PHOBO FYI!!!

  9. joyce ira says:

    to chi oi, we’re glad to hear that you’re supporting us! thanks and more pho bo to come 😀

  10. kaynelle says:

    hmmm (kunot noo..)
    can’t relate lol..

    magtagalog kayo haha!

    whieee congrats!!!

  11. chi oi! says:

    CAM ON pong!

    chi oi and phobo boi are living happily together now..

    baw nyu tin?
    ba li tra da?
    tin tin?


    miss ko na kayo!

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