On falling inlove again…

and this time to someone who’ll love me until i just end up loving : my career!

Not that “karir“my brother almond, waway, tj and filip back in my hometown do best with. somebody who you always chat, text, mingle and flirt with. Id say hit on to wiki instead.

Anyway, YES! im officially employed! it’s just now that i can say out loud that i have human colleagues, a boss, and an office. I used to work at home in my SOHO, alone with my brother’s fish. Id be honest that I envy my other corporate-employed friends before. Well not now that i belong to one of the coolest co. here in VN – Uni-Bros.

Happily situated with the prettiest /kickass girl in the building, Ms Quynh of BDD (Business Devt. Dept.)  and the ever friendly Mr. Minh, the company’s General Director.

See, who wouldn’t fall in love with my ‘kinda’ situation , add up to fact that my task with the co. is what i do best as an IT professional… the web, the network, the user policies, the psd’s, fla’s, tpl’s, php’s…. the tail, ftp, putty… btw, its also my random task to conduct interviews for those alluring candidates applying for a secretarial or receptionist positions?

Thank God Im Single 😉