My take on the wilyonaryo wowowee controversy

If i was willie, id just say: Bring it on Joey!

Why? I love flames lol!
Talk about that Im staying here in VN with 2 kapuso and im the sole kapamilya. Especially Rodel. You can’t imagine how he just laughs with Joey’s quotable quote to Willie : “Pag aralan mong umiyak ng may luha” and “EXPLAIN before you COMPLAIN”

Willie and the Wowowee management itself admitted that what happened during the Wilyonaryo incident was a honest mistake. Why does the other party have to so-over react with it? Pretty obvious (for me) that either of them is so-rating hungry. You be the judge.

As i see it, whats happening is so Filipino. “Gatong dito, gatong dun”. Who ‘in the right mind’ would exaggerate a plain entertainment issue¬†with politics.

If only the 2 party would just stop flaming and throwing stones at each other. I wish kapuso’s Francis M. would personally offer a special opening number of his classic ‘mga kababayan ko’ rap. Remember the line “ang magka-away, ipagbati?

Damn them who gets aroused with this issues. There are beggars, culprits, and shits in our government and streets that needs more attention than this.

Let entertainment be entertainment. Wag tayong mag pa star.