Bon Voyage PI

This perhaps maybe my last blog here in Philippines. Catch up on my growth and career as I religiously blog my venture at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. (My sincere thanks to Jivy and her family for the great opportunity.)

I, in no doubt shall miss everyone here in PI. My Family, my friends, batch mates, comrades, everyone… Take care y’all!

Phil. Airlines  PR 0597, Departure 1:10pm Sun. July 22, 2007 – Centennial 2.

12 Responses to Bon Voyage PI

  1. kikaybukikay says:

    i will surely miss you best ninong. (tear)

  2. pong says:

    ill miss u too best ninang :'(

    i hope to be back on track after some huge welcome fiasco here in VN. would u believe my laptop was stolen x_X

  3. zettskie says:

    kapatid!!!! good luck sa career mo!!!! happy trip be safe always 😀

  4. kikaybukikay says:

    GOT WHAAAT?! WTF! GAH! stolen where? am sorry to here that ninong.

  5. dhaei says:

    umalis ka na pala? hindi ko man lang nalaman. miss na kita! wah! nakuha na nga pala namin yung grad pix

  6. poell says:

    zett thanks

    ninang yeah, some bad experience. grrr. anyway we’re on it and the taxi company is liable for the lost. it just takes time

    dhaei- yeah i heard. kainis, nandito na ko ng dumating ung grad pic. ill let nico get mine and mail it here..

    waaaaaaaaah i miss pinas! but im enjoying here 😉

  7. VeeJei says:

    woi! sosyalan ka! 😈

    kelan ang balik mo? baka mag-ala-“vietnam rose” ka jan ha! hehehe!

  8. Shari says:

    You didn’t even call for a get-together before you left. *sniffs*

    Still, I wish you’re doing well there. Good luck. 🙂

  9. pong says:

    sobrang bilis ng pangyayari shari.. sorry i wasnt able to let u guys know. kay L.A. ko lang nabanggit…

  10. Study Guide says:

    People from the Philippines seem like really shy and friendly people. Would be cool to visit the place sometime, hopefully in the near future.

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