41st Month and my blogging hiatus

again, another month that marks another 9 on my bizarre love-venture. And its the 41st this time.
I just love this girl :)
Greets to the most beautiful corpsman I have in my life. Love you now! And I always will – against all odds!


and with my blogging break, sorry to disappoint my audience but I’ve just been very troubleshooting MYSELF. Lol. I’m trying my best to get back my self on track. Just hold on and hang on everyone!

I miss you all!

6 Responses to 41st Month and my blogging hiatus

  1. joyce ira says:

    congratulations on your ‘love-going-stronger-against-all-odds-relationship’
    many months to come on you guys!

  2. kikaybukikay says:

    keep it up! 😛

  3. jsonv says:

    ➡ aalis ka daw? punta ka vietnam, yun balita ko ha?! di nagsaama!

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