My Ironic thought with “Kalayaan” 2007…

Jun 14

is that, we could have been another STATE just like Guam and Hawaii. – Only if it wasn’t because of those crappy-power -hungry-trying-hard revolution people from history.

Yeah right, look at us now. We’re on TOP – Almost on TOP, Most Corrupt Country in ASIA.

Im just being honest with my feeling, Lol.

My Ironic thought with “Kalayaan” 2007
If it was that way, Belo Medical would be like Detroit plastic surgery then.


  1. all i can say is i’d rather be pinoy than become an american citizen.. may bukas pa para sa atin.. we just have to do the right sacrifices and learn from the past.

    d(^_~)b -> listening to Celine Dion’s version of “Dance With My Father” while writing this down.

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