More than 40 joost invititation sent…

Jun 09

.. on me & alexa‘s 40th Month Anniversary. Actually its almost a hundred invite 🙂 I would have given some cash instead if i was George Lindemann Jr. But Sorry im not him 🙁

Anyway, i’ve been busy leveling with ran and war rock/moving on/recovering/grieving/keeping busy/etc (or whatever you call it) with what had happened few weeks ago (actually its exactly a MONTH ago) – and now IM BACK trying to bring my blog senses again.

And to commemorate my return, I decided to send out those pending Joost invitation request.

Eduardo Mueses | emueses [at]
Pablo Lopez | pablopez [at]
Trudy Godfrey | readallday [at]
Jeroen | jeroenvanbaarsel [at]
Nick | poconowho1 [at]

Tamrafire | dhoni002 [at]
Ben | benoitpe [at]
Fred | black_sails [at] |
ilikepinkthings | ilikepinkthings [at]
Adrian Alejandro | alejadrian [at] |

Ed Villa | em22898 [at]
Ganesh | kleiver [at] |
jkotarn [at],
Paula Neal Mooney | paulanealmooney [at]
Wilson Lok | alok.update [at]

Josh | roxsanity [at]
cameron fretwell | cameron75 [at]
Peter | independent1 [at]
Dirk Drehlich | d.drehlich [at]
Anand Aiyer | a.s.aiyer [at]

David | deltafighterwentzel [at]
Kaloyan Ivanov | under1aker [at] |
Jim | mnudev [at]
Cathy | aerynfan [at]

Stephen Rice | stevedmc [at]
CristiDas | cristidascalu [at]
Robert | TVTftnFM83AaLwot [at]
drunkshaman | drunk_shaman [at]
William | wdelamotte [at]

Kale Svenlund | chiaromondo [at]
Ismael Villeno | ivilleno [at] |
Giuliano | ultimoimpero [at]
nitin tyagi | tyaginitin [at] |
Aldo Daquioag | aldo.splitsys [at]

john steel | kalangho [at]
william | willliam.metcalf [at]
Carlos | carlosgieseken [at]
Xin Hui | ongxinhui [at]
Alex | alexandremromeiro [at]

Kamarudin | kamarudin79 [at]
Kihi | wu_jepp [at]
Rodrigo Castrillon | rcastrillon [at]
Mario Forero | pajoost [at]
Alex Black | fekete86 [at]

simon | wcchooi [at]
Kristian Grannes | krabbstulan [at]
michael | mickeyrbowneyes1 [at]
Victor Znachkovsky | dobrodii [at]
randy | johnrandyvillanueva [at]

Greg | gwhite [at]
Ashwin Joshi | jashwin [at]
Mogens | mogenswolflarsen [at]
John | jgh488 [at] |
Dominic Belanger | dombelanger [at]

sjith | sjith_1 [at] |
Roni kanevsky | ronikan [at]
abigail yao | musa.eras [at]
Sarah Smith | papertrail144 [at]
sunny baxter | radwebtalha2000 [at]

Daniel Skinner | daniel.skinner [at] |
Graham Austin | gjaustin [at] |
Safranski | constantin.baum [at]
Thomas Moller [bookedsolid at hotmail] | bookedsolid [at]
Marts | mhands [at]

Studio | studio10zz [at]
Nath | bigpurplesquare [at]
Nicoman | buggsy_1969 [at]
huy ngoc | huy_ngoc1911 [at]
selvarajah sutharsan | selvasutharsan [at] |

al | acamsing [at]
Jon | runnane [at]
stu | stewart.reichling [at]
Jose gordon | pepegordon [at]
marcin bodnar | marcin_bodnar [at]

alex | theblom [at]
SinitsynS | SinitsynS [at]
Daniel | deolmstead [at]
Andy H | abhogan [at]
Nathan Tran | nathantran99 [at]

JD | conundrum7d [at]
Holder | holder [at]
Sarah Trefny | tref34 [at]
mike xu | guopingx [at]
TR | threeXR [at]

David Holland | dwdutch [at]
Andrew Bogaard | abogaard [at]
chris johnson | dakotameow [at]
jep rosende | jeprosende [at]
Kelly Wright | kwright [at]

mare777 | mcokanovic [at]
Jack Frost | frisks38785 [at]
Darci | darcitapia [at]

Enjoy your joost everyone!

(And to my Alexa, Get well soon yeki dear 🙂 happy 40th! love yah always!)

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  1. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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