MTV that relates

Things might have been like this, Almost.

My perfect video for the month of May – Cool Off by Yeng Constantino

4 Responses to MTV that relates

  1. zettskie says:

    almost lyk dis ba?! lolz! e d sana pla kaw n lang ung guy dun sa music video 😀 MAYHEM-ehem =D oh well hope everything will be fine for you

  2. poell says:

    hehe, of all the people, si avid pa pala gumawa ng music video. director din ng martyr nyebera at nung “eto ang beat” ng coke.

  3. babychoy says:

    hi. the appropriate term is “music video.” “MTV” is a trademark and Viacom, Inc’s music channel. it’s a common mistake even i used to make until former VJ Mike Kasem made the above fact clear to millions of pinoys some years ago. la lang. nice place you’ve got here, btw.

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