Off to The Fort for Nike:Believer

Nike Believer

Whilst my digitel dataline is still borked and our PLDT is going crazy as she turns on and off (yes, the dialtone goes off from time to time and i dont know whats going on), i shall instead spend my time out together with some high profile pro bloggers at The Fort. Just head on to this link to see what’s going on to US 10 lucky souls who got an exclusive invite.

Im hitting the road now, will meet Lord at the megamall around 3pm or 4pm. We plan to summon ourselves because “hindi namin ang kaya ang powers ng kasama namin” haha… j/k!

I still have a lot of vids and pics to post. Will do it as soon as my DSL gets back. Cheers everyone 😉

Told yah ill do whatever it takes to win you again. 🙂  Thank God we’re Back Love you yek <3