Blogging in Lukban, Quezon

I’m here with my bro and alen. We got off Cavite City last night around 7PM to sleep over at alen’s place. T’was Tita Daisy’s birthday (alen’s mom) last night. Seafood taco… fita… palabok. Lots of food.

We hit the road for alabang around 4:30am. Then commuted by van to Sta. Cruz Laguna. Then a jeep ride from Laguna to Lukban. Got here around 7:45.

Fare :
Cavite City – SM Bacoor : Php 24
SM Bacoor – Vista Berde (alen’s place) : Php 10
Vista Berde – Alabang : n/a (hinatid kami ng driver)
Alabang – Sta Cruz, Laguna : Php 80
Sta. Cruz – Lukban – 38

I’m hoping to find peace of mind here for my 5 day break. It’s my birthday on the 15th. These roller coaster ride of emotion is really killing me. One minute im happy, and the next hour – grieving.

Last night, i was reading hundred of Alexa’s text messages. I could hardly see sign of her going cold. She use to love me. So much 🙁 Would you believe i brought along her letters and our scrapbook she made for me? 

But now, damn. She’s like brainwashed or influenced with her colleages. She’s not like that says her friends here in PI. Lord, please help her out.

Anyway thanks to everyone whose helping me a lot. Your pm’s,  comments, text messages, calls eases the pain. Riz thanks for keeping ‘mang andres’ away while we’re on the streets. Keep ’em out of my family hehe…

Good day everyone.

4 Responses to Blogging in Lukban, Quezon

  1. fionixe says:

    hmm.. ingat kayo dyan. hope 5 days would be enough to ease your heart..

    sabihin mo kay alehn yung pasalubong ko! wala pa yung galing cebu ha! :mrgreen:

  2. DarkBlak says:

    enge habhab!!!!! 🙂

  3. jsonv says:

    nax..bday nya! hahaha happy bday! tanda mo na…. sino ba mas matanda? si ramsey o si fred? tapos ikaw, tapos ako tapos si nyol! tama diba! heehhe

  4. odt says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! tanda mo na. 😆 i was supposed to go to lukban yesterday but opted to stay in cavite. sayang. i didnt know you are going. anyways, enjoy. pakape ka naman. 😀

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