Someone broke into our house.

Things doesn’t seem to fall into place for me.

It is with distress that i blog this entry that someone tore down some part of our steel door and broke into our house this afternoon and took away a sum of money good to pay our apartments electric, water & other bills.

Thank God no one was harmed. What could it have been if my sister or just my mom was there.

What the hell is going on πŸ™Β 

6 Responses to Someone broke into our house.

  1. gabby says:

    just pray pong.. and i’ll pray for u and ur family as well.. thank God for not letting your family get hurt.. im always here if u need someone to talk to..

  2. fionixe says:

    soon there’ll be sunshine after the rain..

  3. pong says:

    thanks gabby.

    di ko alam kung san ako lulugar… ang hirap hirap πŸ™

    sobrang sama ko na ba 😐

  4. shey says:

    hayyz.. kung ako nandun jan sa bahay naten patay yon xken.. haha (lakas ng loob) :p weh.. KAKARMAHIN DEN YON! WTF!

  5. jsonv says:

    san yan? sa E?

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