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a love story

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They used to have their own lives. They will occasionally see each others’ names at the side bar on this thing called irc. But that’s just it.

Then came the #cavite grand eb. They met. He ignored her. Completely ignored her. He was with this lady who she thought was his girlfriend. They were like too close sitting with each other. She developed a crush on him without him knowing. He was wearing this white polo shirt that looks dead serious and hot, he was completely her type. But the night passed quickly. She was secretly wishing he’d ask for her number, but he never did. His friends did but she doesnt like them. It’s him that she wants.

Days passed some guy from that grand eb started courting her. She thought it was love they got together but it was a mistake.

They still went on with their lives. She almost forgot about him. And he was not even thinking about her.

In came #cavite’s second grand eb. They met again. She was wearing a white blouse and jeans. He was wearing this black pants and an orange Guess shirt. The situation was completely opposite this time. She completely ignored him. While HE was being so interested about her. He will take stolen shots of her. He even tried to call her name a few times. She can definitely hear him but is not in the mood to even entertain his calls.

Next day she went online. He was a big name in #cavite. He’s an op. Not even a second after she got online she got voiced immediately by him. Really quick. Then she started wondering why. She then noticed a new box came out of her side bar. A red blinking name. It was him sending him a private message. They chatted for hours. He tried asking for her cellphone number and she did give it to him. Deep inside, it was sending her chills all the way down. He even asked the exact time she has on her cellphone so that they will celebrate new year both at the same time. He started singing to her online the song “get here” that goes you can reach me by….

Then they had their very first date. It was actually a double date. A friend of hers, her friend’s bf and of course, him. They went to watch “The Last Samurai” that same day she caught her picking his nose. She let it pass though because she’s actually starting to like him again.

Feb.9,2004 came. She finally decided it’s time for them to be together. It all happened in just one plain text. Then boom love is in the air. A day or two passed they’ll finally meet in person as a couple now. Her heart was thumping like a big-ass drum. She walk up to his gate saw his brother and asked where he was. Then he came out of their front door. Like an angel coming out from the heavens. He was wearing this navy blue human shirt with white/beige/cream linings on it. They held hands. Smiles were endless. Chills were endless.

Today is Feb.9,2007. 3 years had passed. The love they shared grew and grew. became deeper and deeper. This is their first anniversary completely apart from each other but their love for each other made them get through all these years.

My pong, I just wanted to say how happy I am to have you. And how ecstatic I am because you have me. You will be my forever and ever love.

I love you baby ^_^ and happy 3rd year anniversary

Remembering our 3rd Year Anniversary. My apology to my blog audience for my indefinite hiatus. Please bear with me as i struggle with this dilemma i am going through.

Thank you all for your support