SMS: Time vs Love

May 09

A boy asked God what is the most important thing to give to someone…

God answered : “Time” my child.

But why time and not Love?

Love, you can give that, you can have that, you can share that to anybody… but with time, you can’t stop it or control it. Most important, you can never bring back the time that has passed by.

So spend your time wisely and cherish it while you still have it.

Credits: JR Ferma III

One comment

  1. ask me the question and i will also answer time! time comes along with love, that’s what i believe…a small amount of time can make a lot of changes, could be better or worst…in my case…lagi kong sinasabi sa sarili ko, kung kaya akong bigyan ng ample time ng ibang tao then i’ll feel loved kahit konti! happy na ako dun!

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