39 Months. Period.

And it all ended just as I expected.

I knew i saw the signs: mall, movies, picnics, tired, ‘can feel me no more’ etc. You’ve change.

I need not to cite specifics.

I believe and trust my instincts that definitely, there is (or will be) someone out there. I know. Im 24. Almost 25.

Someone better, wealthier, more deserving. whatever. But not another Poell.

Normally I’d cry over this, but now, hell no.

I learned and managed to be strong.

I got my parents, my brother, my sister, relatives, friends, bloggers. I might look bitter for now, but its just for a while. It wasn’t my lost after all. No one is a failure who can truly say – i have done my best.

I thank you for that 39 months of happiness, struggle, fun, laughter, everything. I’m sorry you lost your grip.

And to wrap it all, i leave you with one song that i know would fit for me, and i hope to you as well.

ill be ok. I got him. He never fails.

Thanks, Alexa

14 Responses to 39 Months. Period.

  1. fionixe says:

    waahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! 🙁 😥

  2. joyce ira says:

    i didnt see this coming! pong….cheer up! ur still blessed!

  3. zettskie says:


  4. gabby says:

    u got ur friends naman pong e.. bee happy!!

  5. pauline says:

    what the? 😥 LDR is really hard. as in HARD hard… I am in an LDR now… but what can I say to you… God bless… all things work for good… smile! =)

  6. waway says:


  7. Lauren says:

    Oh man…I’m so sorry to hear that. 🙁

  8. chele says:

    dont worry.. still, der r lots of people hu cares and loves u, like me and ate.. uL get used of the pain..

  9. erasmusa says:

    in time, it will all be a memory. hang in there!

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