Manny Pacquiao ambush

Manny Pacquiao Ambush ?

… is all just but a LIE, HOAX, SPAM & we dont give a damn.

It really pisses me off when stuff like this spread around the internet and mobile networks. Craps/thrash polluting the airwaves. Much like the ‘Knockout/Talo na si Pacquiao’ message during his last fight with Solis. Where in fact during that time, the fight hasnt started yet.

F*ck those attention whores. Follow the story here.

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  1. Joem says:

    For me, those annoying text messages makes watching a big boxing match more exciting. You’ll heart will really start pounding when you received a message that your bet was just knocked out. Then you’ll feel like your in heaven when you found out that your fighter won the fight.

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