Ramsey and I just started playing this flash game last night and you wouldn’t believe that i closed than my Dreamweaver & Photoshop – just for this timewasting addicting game.

Navigate the helicopter from left to right through an insane obstacle course of green columns. THATS IT. Left Click your Mouse to Go Up & Release to go Down

Show us what you’ve got. Paste your highest score here. Links to your SCREEN Captures are very much welcome. Use to upload your pictures.

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17 Responses to Copter

  1. ramsey says:

    kakaaaddict din….

    you can see more games in GamersBattle

  2. ramsey says:

    kakaaaddict din…. yan yung mga games na kapag blanko na utak mo jan ka marerelax. and take note after mong maglaro parang fresh na ulet ang utak mo. 😯

    you can see more games in GamersBattle

  3. VeeJei says:

    taena!!! hayup to! baka hindi ako makatulog dito! 😆

  4. fionixe says:

    sabi na sa ASUS na phone daw itu. hehe. 😀

  5. Helicopters says:

    Arrrrgh…. Why did I come here, I played this stupid game for about 10 minutes….. Wouldn’t it be nice if the makers of games for the PS3 or Xbox would remember it’s not always about the complexity of graphics as the joy of the game. At least the Wii knows how to keep it fun and simple.


  6. Star says:

    😈 kakaloko eh!

  7. ehmz says:

    nkkawala nga ng stress nuh…buong umga n yta n i2 gngwa k…hehehe 😆

  8. A good and interesting read, thank you.

  9. Man!!! This game is tough. I got no more than 200.

  10. gps traffic says:

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  11. crocwireless says:

    I also played with my office colleague the above copter game but i lost as i never played such games and that is why i lost three consecutive games.

  12. he, that’s a cool game. Thx.

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