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The growth in the number of people aspiring for a Joost invites is very high and has reached the online marketplace – Ebay, Trade Forums, Blogs and more ; inviting invite holders to trade with people who wants it. Pretty much alike how Google mail aka GMAIL started its domination years ago.

Joost – The Future of Internet TV


Designed by the same geniuses who brought you Skype and Kazaa, Joost is a new way of watching TV on the Internet. With Joost, you get all the things you love about TV, including a high-quality full-screen picture, hundreds of full-length shows and easy channel-flipping. Other features include search, chat and instant messaging, built right into the program – so you find shows quickly and talk to your friends while you watch. And with no schedules to worry about, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you like – as often as you want.

Just like an iceberg, on the surface, it might seem like another YouTube, but what’s inside of it – you’ll find the word ‘More’ doesn’t fit to describe how huge the site feature list. 3 main things that fires Joost to reign :

  1. the high quality of show and network titles (CBS, CNN, MTV to name a few
  2. 2 blazing fast streams with P2P technology (impressive streaming & better video resolution even with Dialup Internet Connection
  3. All for FREE!

I was so stupid to reject an invitation weeks ago 🙁 and now i’m looking for one… anyone ? if you do have a spare invite, please feel free to hit on me on my mail : me @ nestlepoell dot net An hour after posting this, I was lucky enough to trade some of my Bidvertiser payout last Monday with someone i met in digitalpoint forum while changing thoughts on some SEO related topic 🙂

Here’s my 1st Joost Experience :
My Joost Channel Catalog Poell's First Joost (beta) Experience

Credits : FB & DP

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97 Responses to Free Joost Invite

  1. benedikt says:

    an invite to joost would be so sweet! (at)

    cheers mate!

  2. Bob says:

    plzzzzz send me a joost invite too! 🙄

    [email protected]

  3. Torrentak says:

    please send me an invite
    torrentak (at)
    thank you

  4. dan says:

    Hey any joost invite left? I don’t wanna miss out the fun too 😛


  5. dan says:

    Hey any joost invite left? I don’t wanna miss out the fun too 😛


  6. […] your overwhelming response to my Free Joost Invite post, I decided to instead share my blessings for FREE (even though i got my invite for a 5 […]

  7. ashkins says:


    [email protected]
    tol pahingi naman ng invite

  8. poell says:

    all invites sent… please dont forget to put your Firstname, Lastname & Email address

  9. des_pw says:

    oh never mind you can actually make your invite here:

  10. chris johnson says:

    still have any invites? i would love one

  11. Holder says:

    I would like to get an invatation:
    [email protected]

    Thanks 😀

  12. Nath says:

    I don’t know anyone with a joost invite…….am beginning to wonder if they even exist. please prove me wrong. If you’ve got one I’d love one. Thanks

  13. Roni kanevsky says:

    I would love to get an invitation, please send me one 😉

    to my email : ronikan [at] gmail [dot] com

  14. sjith says:

    I would like to get an invatation:
    plz invite me

  15. sjith says:

    I would like to get an invatation:
    plz invite me
    😆 ❓

  16. sjith says:

    please notify me 😆 ❗ ❓

  17. John says:

    Would love an invitation! Thanks!

  18. randy says:

    spare an inivite? 😉

  19. Eric says:

    Hi can I please get an invite
    Eric Parker
    [email protected]

  20. Rodrigo Castrillon says:

    I would like to get an invatation:

    [email protected]

    Thanks you.

  21. Kihi says:

    An invatation would be nice 😀

  22. Kihi says:

    An invatation would be nice 😀
    [email protected]

  23. William says:

    Would appreciate an invite

  24. Peter says:

    I would love to get an invitation, please send me one. I really want to try this 😉 really appreciate it!

  25. Peter says:

    this is my mail. thank you once more : [email protected]

  26. cameron fretwell says:

    please may i have an invite

  27. Ed Villa says:

    im interested to get an invitation too..
    [email protected]

  28. Adrian Alejandro says:

    Yes, I could use an invite! Thanks- Adrian ❗ :mrgreen:

  29. Carl Peterson says:

    Can I have an invite please?

  30. Chris Brune says:

    any invites left?

  31. marxkek says:

    I would like to get an invatation:
    [email protected]

  32. sclzzydzzv says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! jfksaqmpev

  33. joeblow says:

    I would appreciate having a Joost invite please. If you have one please email to me. I registered my email when I left a comment.


  34. oldur says:

    please send me invinite [email protected] thanks

  35. harry says:

    please send me a joost invite:
    [email protected]
    Thank you

  36. michael williams says:

    please send an invite. My wife dominates the tv and I really need an alternative

  37. yueh shyang says:

    please send me an invitation

  38. juhi says:

    joost invite please

  39. clarence says:

    I had joost once but lost it when my other computer crashed and have been miserable and looking for another invite for the past year.I would be so so so so greatful to recieve another invite. please, thank you!

  40. mario says:

    plz invite my

  41. mario says:


  42. seantameste says:

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