It pays off to see your pages rank

(PR Result from my Google Toolbar & Firefox Live PR Plugin) - Who Nestle’s Poell? (formerly chocolatey life of nestle poell), my personal blog – Who Nestle’s Poell?
(formerly Chocolatey Life of Nestle Poell) My personal blog. Domain 1 year, 11 Month Old. PR3 during its 2nd quarter. Dropped to PR2 / PR1 last November 2006. - Philippines’ Finest Celebrity Faces and Personalities – Philippines’ Finest Celebrity Faces and Personalities. A photo blog/gallery of collected celebrity pictures from forums, mailing lists in websites. Inspired to register the domain to practically learn and try my hand on search engine optimization. Registered 21, January 2007. PR 0 ever since, now PR4. - A Premiere Haven for your IT Solutions – A Premiere Haven for your IT Solutions. Storefront for my group’s business hobby – Web hosting & Domain Registration. Portal running Joomla was stagnant with partial contents. Reached PR4 last March 2007. Registered June 2006. - my girl’s blog – my girl’s blog titled “yellowlane” The least site I expected to gain Page Rank. Registered Sept. 2006. Now at PR3

If it pays off to see your pages rank, it also sucks and it drives you sick when it sinks. You’ll even feel loosing interest blogging when you see them stuck at PR1 (from PR4).

Id also like to pay tribute to Pinoy Big Blogger Richmond for his exclusive tips & tricks on SEO. Thanks bro 😉

6 Responses to It pays off to see your pages rank

  1. Shari says:

    When started, had a PR of 5, and had a 2. I forgot to set the preferred domain name pala kaya magkaiba. Nung ginawa kong pareho, aba, naging PR 0 yung www, tapos yung no-www, naging PR 2! Haha!

    Ngayon ko lang uli chineck. Pareho na silang PR 4.

    Jusko, sakit sa ulo nito. Baka naman pwedeng mamahagi ka ng tips and tricks dyan? 😉

  2. nestle poell says:

    wow, ako 4 dati. tas biglang nag drop sa 1. medio magulo ang PR ng domain na to kasi nde ko ma-asikaso ung portal ko talaga –

    tip, sakin pa nag tanong amp 😕 pero may sha-share ako na mabisa at subok na :

    UMATTEND NG MGA BLOGGER MEETUPS. Promise sobrang effective nyan makahatak ng PR pataas

  3. Lauren says:

    Hi! You left a comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago when I was asking around for people who’ll be going out of town on May. I still want to tag along with you guys to Quezon if that’s okay. 🙂 Just YM me (xlaurgyx) for the details. 🙂

  4. […] nga naman tama nga naman si poell. ngayon ko lang din napuna na ang PR ko pala nasa 3 na. nakakatuwa na kahit bihira lang ako mag […]

  5. mxlznwxejy says:

    Thanks for this site!

  6. Very interesting post! I think I am going to subscribe to this blog from now on.

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