– Web Advertising, Made Easy, the PH way!

Notice something new on my blog? Well yeah, It’s AdAuction!. The latest & the hottest profit earning tool set to hit the Internet & Philippine Blogosphere!

AdAuction is an innovative new system that allows you to earn money from your blog or website. Simply display our preformatted ads on your page and earn a commission for every successful transaction resulting from the ad on your page.

Web Advertising can’t get any easier than this. All you need is a blog or website, an AdAuction account, a little time and patience and you’ll be on your way to earning easy cash!

AdAuction’s Four Steps to Earning Easy Money!

1. Sign up, you only need a valid email.
2. Customize your ads
3. Post ad code
4. Enjoy your profit!

Personally tried it as soon as i got an exclusive invite from AdAuction. Signing up is a breeze. You need not to wait for an evaluation or something.

I would at least compare this to Google Adsense but unfortunately, big G took my earnings away and declared i violated some yada yada on their TOS. Was it my fault if my daily unique hits reached of 2,000+ for about a month from my old 5o+ daily. (T’was like that prior to attending blogger meetups like blogparteehs and blog summit) Dont worry big G, i aint bitter 🙂

This AdAuction just proves that there’s a lot of more than ‘adsense’. There’s AdAuction – “A Filipino operated Advertising alternative for the Filipino Market.” Not only you can advertise with them, you also earn with AdAuction – easily.