BS Computer Science For Hire w/ Creative-Impressive-Expressive Resume

“A resume is as good as an advertisement for oneself. Therefore ensure that you market yourself well.”

Indeed. That’s why I opted not to go with the usual “Standardized” type. Because in my opinion, they (template-based) are so mainstream and they’re a sure turn-off.

HR People here’s a tip: Competent jobseekers (I proudly include myself) have distinct style – starting from their resume up to their getups & gestures! We mix professionalism with creativity. We don’t go along with standard itself. Why? I ask again, where are you heading for? If you tend to allow ‘standard’ rule over you forever then you’re simply stuck in the oldies and you’re obviously not moving on.

It’s no different on you putting yourself in a box and then selling yourself with the other “inside-the-box” job hunters. We are those who sell our self outside the box. Those who dare to be different. Just as Mary Lou Cook quoted :

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

So if you happen to be an HR officer or someone whose scouting for some modern-aged company players – with an EDGE, please do skim over my entire resume and see if I fit in. Id be upfront with you that I have quite a list of experience and distinctions to tell 🙂 Photo & Portfolio available upon request.

Nestle Poell G. Lagaya Resume Nestle Poell G. Lagaya Resume
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