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Better late than never!

I’d be honest, ever since i learned that Alexa’s going out of the boot camp, i just felt a sudden blood-rush going in and out of my veins. I’m pretty much excited almost about anything. I know a lot of things happened but inside me i feel blanked out.

I’m obviously excited i guess.

Anyway, I wasn’t jotting down notes so I wouldn’t be precisely blogging on what happened during the concluded blogging summit. But if you do want a run through of it, the ever talkative Jester-in-Exile (who btw isn’t wearing his jester hat during the affair) has quite an organize roundup. Aj, Chris & Wife Apple amongst others.

Linklove galore to those people i got to rub elbows with…

(Will still edit soon…)

10 Responses to iBlog3 Linklove

  1. Thanks so much for taking time to attend iBlog3!

  2. ChrisH says:

    hoi, Poell!! profile and pics please… 😀

  3. poell says:

    @Chris!!! yeah will try to email mine mamaya 😀 kita mo naman kahapon (tuesday) lang ako nakapag blog abot ib3 hahaha… sensya na masyadong loaded 😮

    @miss Janette : thanks po! we look forward for another summit such as this 😉 kudos to the organizers!

  4. jamal says:

    hi nestle,
    may I post the photo in my blog?
    is technoville.net still under construction?
    i am looking for a bloghost. can u email me some details — price, etc.

  5. nestle poell says:

    -jamal : i tried replying on your blog but it says “Sorry, you must be logged in to post a comment.” no wonder people aint tagging/commenting on your blog 😀

    anyway yes, you can post the pic… will send u the mail in a while 😉

  6. Shari says:

    Salamat, salamat! Sa uulitin ha. 😀

  7. nestle poell says:

    you’re welcome shari… goodluck on your hiatus

  8. Jckim Lawyer says:

    Yea, you are right, Better late than Never. Be honest, be great.

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