Destination:Cebu Day 4 – Stilt Restaurant, Snorkeling, Pandanon Island & SM Cebu

April 8, 2007 – If there’s a phrase things-to-do, definitely there’s Things-we-did

during day time :

  • Lunch on a Stilt Boat at Ulango
  • Snorkeling with school of batfishes, clown fishes,
    different crinoids, sponges and corals in clear emerald-blue water.
  • Enjoying the fantastic marine flora & founa while riding in the only semi-submersible boat operating in the Philippines
  • Surfing
  • Rowing
  • Pedal Boat
  • Sea Food Tripping
  • and Plain Camwhoring 😉

For pictures…

Seaport, Hilton Hotel Our boat’s Katig
Camwhoring at our pumpboat Pandanon Island

Pic2258 Pic2259 Pic2260 Pic2255 Pic2256 Pic2261


Rowing… (

Soothing cool water

While Camwhoring 😛
Pedal Boat
Fresh Sea Urchin. Would u believe they’re freshly edible ?

And a night time still Camwhoring, but this time in SM Cebu

Poell, Change The Way You Think.

and Alen, Change The Way You Look 😀

Shawarma that tastes and looks like Buritos

SM Cebu looks the same as other SM in Manila.

Camwhore on board

Our freezin’ quarter.

It would be unfair to alen if i would place my mid-sea poopoo experience secretly. Ok, here goes : Yes, I did poo poo at our pump boat’s improvised CR and also at the Semi-Sub boat’s CR. Happy ?