On iBlog3, Friday the 13th & Alexa on the Navy

Friday the 13th itself may have bad omen to its own as it never was a bad day for us (bloggers) on the recently concluded iBlog3 Day 1. As oppose to the “bad-shot” thought of Friday-the-13, the day was indeed a prolific and productive. Expect another entry about iBlog3 with the thing we love to love – Link Love.

But for now, let me snooze my way to the morning as trip from Cavite City to Quezon City is not as ‘painless’ as you think.

Also, April 13 marks another milestone for my Alexa as she finally passed her almost-2-months US Navy training in Illinois. I guess a commencement exercise is being held as of the writing. Congratulations and Good luck on your endeavor baby 😉

4 Responses to On iBlog3, Friday the 13th & Alexa on the Navy

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  2. sexy mom says:

    i learned a lot from iblog3, and i enjoyed meeting face-to-face the people, who i have otherwise interacted only through the net.

    congratulations to your alexa!

  3. noemi says:

    I learn something new every time there is a blog event. Some things are discussed in these events that are not read in blogs

  4. poell says:

    sexy mom – same here, what i love about attending meet ups like this one – is like what forest gump said : you never know what you’re going to get! and btw, thanks for the well wishes 😉 she’d definitely be touched when she reads this

    noemi – exactly! just like what happened during the post-summit drink up at the UP Hotel 😉 too bad you and lauren have to go early 🙁

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