Destination:Cebu Day 3 – Business Class Cruise, Seawalking, Banana Boat, Jetski, Beers & Boat

April 7, 2003 – A day at Tambuli Beach Resort / Aquamarine Ocean Tours.

Id been receiving questions and even cute assumptions that the “Seawalker” thing is all made up. Even saying “that’s Photoshop’ed”. It’s not. They’re all fresh experiences 😉 Check the Seawalker page here, that’s the exact site in Cebu where we’ve experienced it.

Aquamarine Ocean Tour is the same site Uma & some Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 Housemate Experienced Seawalking quoted the Seawalker Instructor who eventually was the PBB housemates’ instructor as well.

Lots of pictures when you

6:45A Before Leaving Bohol

OceanJet Ferry, Our ride back to Cebu

Enjoying the luxury pleasure of Business Class Passengers

Watching Tokyo Drift

Tambuli Beach Resort

Tambuli Beach Resort

“Seawalker” Briefing

“Seawalker” Briefing

“Seawalker” Experience Alen, Magnolia, Dorci, Tita Daisy, Pong

“Seawalker” – Alen & Pong

“Seawalker” – Pong and Mermaid

“Seawalker” Pong with Tita Daisy & Alen

Manong Lifeguard, pong (front), alen (back) & Manong Driver (orange short), Who-the-hell (sexy guy sitting)

Pong & Jetski

Lechong Baboy,
Bluemarlin, Laeng, Native Chicken & Rice



SML Session


Our Unforgettable Refrigerator/Freezer Quarters

Camwhoring at the “Officer’s Deck”

Still Camwhoring …


More pictures from Magnolia coming soon… Bananaboat, Speed boat, Etc.

4 Responses to Destination:Cebu Day 3 – Business Class Cruise, Seawalking, Banana Boat, Jetski, Beers & Boat

  1. LA says:

    Damn You Poell :mrgreen: Gusto ko din mag-sea walking!!! Argggh mag kano pala yung fee para dyan! Waaah seems you really have so-so much fun!!!

    Sino pala yung naka-feu na jersey?? brother mo??

  2. nestle poell says:

    that’s alen, friend ko and cia ung nag invite sakin to come.

    if im not mistaken, around a hundred to a hundred thirty USD pax. Fortunately, waived slash free ung experience namin dahil sa connections ng dad ni alen sa Phil. Coast Guard 😉

  3. wmkoi says:

    fghan officials race to organize Karzai-Abdullah runoff 0.15953815187162668

  4. Aww….sounds very interesting!
    I have tried this once at Bali island and it is amazing. Wish I could hear many info about seawalking.

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