Destination:Cebu Day 2 – Breakfast in Bed, Bohol Escapade, Chocolate Hills and Dinner with Mr. Hans Schoof

This real-world task is killing me to “precisely-blog” what happened on the 2nd day so ill just let those pictures story tell what happened instead.

6:30AM – Wake up time. Have to wait at the pool lobby to meet a couple of people for our breakfast in bed. We have 2 rooms, 1 for us boys: Sir Alejandro, Alen & Me ; and the other family room for the 13 kids and ladies collectively. T’was too early so alen and i spent cam whoring around the hotel:


Breakfast came minutes pass 7:00AM . Rice, Hotdog & Eggs with a native hot choco. I never knew there was a “native” choco version since i use to drink only milo, ovaltine or nesquik. The native version is a bit “oily.” Fruits, bread and butter was also served for those diet conscious bakasyonitas.

8:00AM – Left hotel for the “Guided Tour” around Bohol

8:30AM – First stop was the “Hinagdanan Cave“. We paid a 15 Peso worth ticket to enter the place. You’ll love the cave : Ceilings dripping with stalactites, Hinagdanan Cave is a marvel in stonework. Its underground pools with their limestone bottoms glimmer clear and green, and are lit up dramatically by natural skylights that enters from two holes at the cave’s roof creating an eerie and remarkably beautiful natural effect. Again, pictures to follow. We used magnolia’s cam since the cave is too dark for my n70 camera. Here’s a breath-taking picture i found at flickr by bernard.

Somewhere above the place are souvenir shops where I bought a pair of black shirt for me and alexa, and another pair for my brother and sister. Alen scored the same black shirt i bought.

9:30 AM : Took a picture on a famous overlooking-the-sea statue of Datu Sikatuna Lopez Legaspi. A better shot of this is again at magnolia’s cam.

9:45 AM : Next stop was Baclayon Museum, Located in Baclayon town – 7 km from Tagbilaran City and situated inside the Baclayon Church – the oldest stone church in the Philippines. Without luck – it was close for Good Friday 🙁


10:00 AM : We headed to the famous Chicken Python Sanctuary. Hehehe, we’re just playing around on the “chicken” thing since theres more than a dozen chicken and only 6 python in captivity. Also on the sanctuary are rare birds and lemur.

10:50AM – Cruised around the Loboc River while eating lunch on a motorboat 😉 Here’s funny teasing statement in Video (for a change) alen and i shot during the cruise :

Pic2053Pic2052Pic2050Pic2049Pic2045Pic204412:10 – 12:45 noon – Upclose and personal with the Philippines’ smallest primate, Tarsier
Somewhere at the Loboc River Alen and i scored a couple of souvenir items : Keychains, bracelets and Shirts. We also met Alen’s textmate “Janice”. A young pretty-smarty Cebuano lad. (not in the pic)1:50PM – Cam whoring at the Chocolate Hills.Pic2123Pic2122Pic2121Pic2118Pic2117Pic2116Pic2114Pic2113Pic2112Pic2111Pic2110Pic2107Pic2104Pic2103Pic2102Pic2101Pic2100Pic2099Pic2098Pic2097Pic2095Pic2093Pic2092Pic2090

We then headed back to Bohol Plaza Hotel around 5:00PM to pick our stuff for which was suppose to be a night swimming at Kalipayan Beach – but turned out to be a seaside dinner with Mr. Hans Schoof, founding father of the Bohol Foreign Friendship Foundation, Inc., contributed also to the triumph of Bohol’s tourism industry.


We we’re back at the hotel around 8PM. We again pampered ourself to a soothing warm jacuzzi till 10:00 and fun-diving until 10:30.

That’s about it for the 2nd day 🙂