Destination:Cebu Day 1 – Unbathely departure, bomb jokes, ferry boat, jacuzzi and cozy lodging

Pre-Departure, 04 April 2007
A day before our flight was also my brother’s birthday. Hence, Alen has no excuse not to come. FYI, t’was alen who invited me few weeks ago (during my post-graduation party) to come with him during this vacation trip.

He arrived around 4 or 5 pm all the way from Laguna (work.) They (with the driver) were suppose to get my baggage but i refused since i was still packing my stuff 😛 more of the usual cramming poell.

We were suppose to commute for Bacoor but tita daisy, alen’s mom, called and asked alen to pick a taco shell order and the driver will pick up us instead. Unluckily, no more shells, store closed 🙁 We left Cavite City 10:35pm.

I would have slept early but the caffeine hasnt sunk-in within my system (yes, alen and i did sip a bottle of SML before leaving my house. Who wouldn’t, it was my bro’s small party anyway. While Alen’s packing, i decided to skim over some of his brother John’s recent and back issue magazines – FHM, UNO and Maxim. (btw, Alen’s real name is Alexander John, and his older bro : John Alexander… cute lol) Slept pass 1am.

Unbathely departure, bomb jokes, ferry boat, jacuzzi and cozzy lodging, 05 April 2007

Wake up time was 4:00A to 4:30A so we’d leave Bacoor 5:30A to beat the 3-hour-before-flight punctuality ruling. Guess what, Alen got up late and threw a pillow to wake me a minute after 5:30A. We decided then not to take a bath so we’d still be on time to reach airport. Thank God for no traffic. Was able to check-in around 7:15A.


That’s something you don’t see everyday 😛

Here’s a photoset after boarding Flight PR853 at 8:57A. Mind you, mobile phones even in flight mode is strictly prohibited throughout the flight. Bad poell :X

There you have it, safe landing and taxiing at Cebu-Mactan Intl. Airport around 10:50AM. We were picked by Alen’s dad. We headed to the CG’s (Coast Guard) District Quarters. A 25 Minute drive from the Airport. There we met the rest of the “bakasyonista” (Alen’s mom, sis, family friends…) who traveled by sea last Sunday , lotsa kids and kids wannabees hehe. We ate lunch at the mess hall. Great foods by the way. Those CG cooks knows how to cook for real. After lunch, Alen and I were still in jeans so we decided to change outfit before we leave Cebu for Tagbilaran (Bohol). Now in walking short and shirts.

One good thing about this vacation trip was the VIP treatment we have 😉 We never waited for long queue lines. Ferry trip from Cebu to Tagbilaran took around 2 hours. I slept throughout the trip. Thanks to, No. 1 Fast Craft in Metro Cebu.

We were then picked by the Hotel Service Van. You’d be surprise to see how relaxing and cozy our lodging was for the first 3 days at the Bohol Plaza Resort & Restaurant.

What happened next ? You dont wanna know : Got a room, threw our bags in then headed to the pool to pamper ourselves for the next hour and a half to a warm soothing jacuzzi 😀

6PM, we left the hotel to eat dinner at the Bohol Tropics Resort. There situated is a famous Korean Diving Resto. An eat-all-you-can Buffet. Guess what, Im not really into seafoods but that Blue Marlin and the seafood chopseuy with some spicy Kimchi on the side filled the tank in me.

Will post some digital-cam picture soon from Magnolia (Alen’s youngest sister.) since my n70 doesnt give out a good shot when it’s dark.

Thats about it for the first day!

Keep posted for the activity-packed day 2 at Bohol!