Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 Official Manila Launch / T-CO Grand Meet

A new era in creative expression is about to unfold, freeing us to colour outside lines, to think in multiple dimensions, and to engage audiences like never before. Integration like never before is here, in editions for Web, Design, and Video. Explore a new way to create at - official launch of Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 - May 4 2007
Join us at the official launch of Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 and witness the groundbreaking technologies of Adobe. This event will include presentations by the executives and product demonstrations you have never seen before.

Mark your calender red this May 4 2007 as they (again) unveil another “kickass” design suites.

Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 Official Launch, Manila
Friday 4 May 2007 09:00 – 17:00
Makati Shangri-La Hotel
Rizal Ballroom ABC
Ayala Avenue Corner
Makati Avenue

I have been following some Adobe roadshows like this and this, and for sure, you’ll definitely leave the room hungry & empty handed. You’ll be praying to get an Adobe Back Pack and the kickass Adobe Shirts & Jackets. Swear to God you will.

Expect Miss Marianne Young, Solutions Engineer, Adobe Systems, South East Asia to speak for this affair.

Enuff said, Register HERE and be counted!

Little that you know, I have been an Adobe (Photoshop) user since PS Version 5.0 Yes, I was an Aldus Photostyler 2.0 user when i was a bit younger.

If you’re up for some intelligent talk about design, arts, 3D’s, etc. Join us at the Thousand Clock Orchestra Grand Meet after the show!