for Bloggers Choice Award!

I know you would have voted for my own blog but unluckily, i didnt made it to the finalists rosters 😛

So detour your support and vote to this good friend of mine, Richmond also known as the Pinoy Big Blogger of RETZWERX.COM. This lucky bastard really knows his stuff about the marriage of Entertainment and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Aside from the Entertainment Blog Category, we (bloggers) can vote for him for the (VIEWERS) Bloggers Choice Award Here. Second Column, titled “Retzwerx”

He’s even raffling some kick-ass Photo Print Packages and a couple of nice 6 Month Backlink to help your PR.

  • 1pc 8 x 11in photo
  • 10pcs 4 x 6in photos of your choice
  • A Monochrome Photo Mural Package (5pcs across x 5pcs vertical [8×11]) photo of your choice.
  • + 1 PR4 and 2PR3 permanent link for 6months.

Cheers and Goodluck Dude!