Baccalaureate Mass

joanne and pong

Baccalaureate Mass, Annual College Recognition Rites

March 22, 2007

joanne and pong vanessa & ezra
best friend kay pong, kathleen and vanessa
pong and vanessa (after the mass) pong, kathleen & vanessa
kath w/ vanessa kaye abutin
pong and vanessa joanne and pong
BSCS Batch 2007 BSCS Batch 2007
Flag Staff ๐Ÿ˜€ (whereโ€™s the white?) My Bouncers
Auff! At the Van

high resolution pictures available here at my flickr.

6 Responses to Baccalaureate Mass

  1. chele says:

    kaiyak nmn ang mga pics..heheh.. congrats!

  2. jeffpoblete says:

    Congrats pongski!!!!!

  3. fionixe says:

    wow pong ~~ i’m so happy for you talaga! ^_^ congrats !~

  4. odette says:

    i’m really happy for you. sa wakas. you graduated on time no matter how long it took. haha
    hugs and kisses.

  5. Ymir says:

    i think i know this place? are you from SSCR Cavite?

  6. poell says:

    yup ymir… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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