Recognition Rites

Pong's Recognition Rites Awards

Today marks another milestone in my life. I was able to bring home 2 prestigious awards (medal + certificate) during the recognition rites:

  • First Place, Outstanding Student Organization Member (JPCS) &
  • Outstanding Member, JPCS (College of Engineering, Computer Studies & Technology)

Every year, recipients are notified through department bulletin boards prior to the recognition ceremony. My name is included together with Joanne Lopez as the Outstanding Member and Officer. I wasn’t aware of the first award I received though (the 1st Place one). No wonder I was a bit anxious when my name was called after the 2nd & 3rd awardees, of which was received by 2 JPIA (Junior Phil. Institute of Accountants) members collectively.

as i always say when i receive something good – to God be the glory!


5 Responses to Recognition Rites

  1. Shari says:

    Nakanaman! 😉 Congratulations! Iba na talaga ang henyo. Pa-outstanding-outstanding na lang. :p

    PS: Yep, WP-Grins po yung plugin na gamit ko. Bakit po? =)

  2. fionixe says:

    uy pong ! hapi gradweyshion!! ^_^ wish i could attend..

  3. L.A says:

    Wow congratulation!!!!!! Ang galing naman my award ka! Heeep heeeep hoooraaaY!!!!! 😛

  4. joyce ira says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! a BIG hug for PONG!!!!

  5. Aniela says:

    Congrats ! Education is everything 🙂

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