Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

Watch Deleted Youtube.Com Videos

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by BlahBlahBlah Inc.” Does it look familiar ? Actually it is lol, That’s the message you see on when they remove a copyrighted video from the Youtube website.

Or if the user deleted his/her own video. and if your movie violates Youtube Terms of Use.

Worry no more!

Those folks at made it possible to watch deleted videos on Youtube – Just like Google Cache stores a copy of a webpage on Google servers, Youtube maintains a copy of raw video on their servers even when the video has been taken off the main website.

Here’s a video i deleted to try it on :

all you need is the video id (60XBnbBJYls in this case)

This thing may not work for videos that have been permanently deleted from the Youtube servers.

Watch those video’s back to life 😉