Be Fruitful and Multiply – Invite others to start blogging!

It has been my ‘panata’ to encourage as many people a possible to start blogging.

YES. I really want people around me to start blogging as soon as possible. Just like as ‘smile’, you may not know whom are falling for you, who are starting to like you, whom are hating you, whom are learning from you, whom are looking up to you, and so on. You may not know this stuff if you just stand idle and play dumb. So what do you have to do ? TALK. SHARE. INSPIRE. AND START BLOGGING!

YES (Again) I have been into debates as well as most people says “WE HAVE NO TIME FOR BLOGGING.” Whatever. Thats why i encourage people to start a personal blog first rather than having a niche blog. Why ? They tend to be bored after some time blogging if they talk about something else rather than talking about themselves. Also, how could you write good stuff about others (movies, politics, events, etc) when they could not right something good for themselves.

jivy! -, enuff said: id like you guys and to welcome my new-found (old) bestfriend JIVY! (no she’s not old and grumpy, its just she’s literally and old-old friend of mine since High school – and her nick jivy, it stands for joyce ira v yarza, her fullname) She’s a mom of two sweet lil’ angel – aaron and andrea. She’s a tough woman. A very responsible daughter and a very loving sister. Currently a teacher at International School of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Without further ado – please welcome Jivy’s “once upon a type