BlogToProfit Started my week

Other than writing a journal entry, sharing experiences and videos, spreading news and FYI’s, one thing i enjoy in blogging : – GETTING PAID FOR IT…

Yeah, i knew a lot people who are really getting money from their blogs… Some have An average of 800$ a month from adsense… i knew one who was able to score a huge flat screen tv… lol, he’s just here lurking 😛

Im kinda different, “small time” you may say. im happy with any amount of blessings i receive. But i wish i was like the one i said above. Anyway, id just like to share that this monday, i got paid – again. My 3rd payout from PH.BLOGTOPROFIT.COM

Here’s a screen capture if it. (mind you its not fabricated, i knew someone, a fellow blogger who’se good at making fake shits.) paid me again!

It really helps me a lot since i pay my bills and my school fees.