Great man Abe Olandes vs Libel ? LoL!

Disclaimer : This piece is a bit ‘casual’ compared to the other blogs that are deep serious. However this type of issue is still something to be handled nice & professional. Also, I share the same sentiment since me and a couple of people are also involve in a small start up hosting biz.Ive been hopping blogs reading stuff that this good man ‘Abe’ of has been facing a FUNNY case of libel :
(here’s from abe, quoted from

I run a fairly small start-up web hosting here in the Philippines. One of our former clients runs a forum that we used to host. Several members of that forum were throwing vindictives against a their former employer. That employer sent us a demand letter thru their law firm demanding that we terminate the site or be charged with libel as well. The client moved out from us the following day. However, the employer/complainant has now filed several libel law suits against us claiming that we are the owner of the domain and the operator of the site. The site is still up and running though hosted somewhere else, the domain was also transferred away from us. Still, the complainant is alleging we should have enforced some sort of regulations or control over the content when it was still with us. says :

“Its pure stupidity to sue the host for a guest’s behavior. The cops don’t arrest the bar owner when there’s a brawl in his bar, they apprehend the perpetrators.” says :

“This case has no legs for sure, but a good decision to scrap the suit will definitely be good for all Filipino bloggers and hosting companies. “ says :

In the US, they have common carrier laws, which say that utilities cannot be held liable for crimes committed by their users. To add to your analogy, it’s like arresting the owner of a telephone company if someone complains of receiving death threats via phone.

Well what does have to say ? A 5 second lol and a *pfft*

Nick of said it right. (actually they all said it right). This type of case is going no where. If it does, then that “company” must be the lawyers’ or attorney’s sister or something. You know, the usual kamag-anak thing trying to prove some shit : “… sige pare, tutulungan kita, magaling akong abogado, kasuhan natin ng libel yan, ako bahala…”. Trying to make a fool out of them self. Give me a break.

The company’s step to file a libel against someone they “insist to” because they just “want to” is plain bullsh*t. No one’s buying this cases (not unless they’re relatives’).

I love to say this: They’re “Dogs barking at the wrong tree”. An act of desparation and ADMISSION OF GUILT. Why’d file a case in the first place? Hindi kaya naman nabulgar ang kalokohan nung kumpanya kaya desperadong mag file ng demanda?” 😛

And here’s to abe : Take your time with this, even though this case may sound funny (coz it really does for me), you’ll get out of this. You’re backed with hundreds or even thousound of good-willed-mind-packed bloggers. We know you can surpass this life-lagging issue, dont worry, it’s your flag that is up there.