Goodluck on the Navy Alexa :’)

alexa (2/12/2007 12:18:49 PM):
isang mahabang brb lng to

That’s what she said before she logged out. Probably the last chat (for now) She’ll be out for about 2 months for her training in Great Lakes, Chicago. Yes, she’ll be joining the US Navy.

She hates drama so our last chat was the usual “casual” one. She want it that way, so it was like it. She told me to stay put.

alexa (2/12/2007 12:16:47 PM):
/me out mahal na mahal kta. just stay put. babalikan kta kahit gaano ako kalayo

I did wish her all the best, gave the goodluck’est luck, told her that i’ll still be here when she gets back, and lastly said never-ever forget to pray.

I tried to make fun after but i was deep sad inside because she have to leave 🙁 Talk about WH33

Who wouldnt, even though she was miles apart, i could always feel her presence. She’s the first person to text me in the morning and always the last person to say goodnight. She’s the reason i sleep at daytime so ill be awake late at night (it’ll be morning in her place), She’s the reason why i wake up early in the morning so we can have a “goodnight” chat, atleast for her. I wish i could say them all . . . Haaaay, :'(

Ill try to be involve on my offline activities more i guess. Badminton, school, work, moa, g4, makati… the usual stuff i did when she left for California last year.

I love you Alexa, and ill always will. God Bless!

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