Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Alexa!

(its not alexa.com who you may think it is – it’s My Alexa, Clara Alexa that is…

Its the the 9th of February and its our 3rd year anniversary. What can i say… hmmm we’ve been texting, chatting, talking and fighting all the time so i guess you know whats been going on around. Id also like to apologize for those mistakes and wrong doings, ive done… ummmm thats it!

I love you baby yek <3

I hope you find it sweet – me saying it out loud with this 2,427+ visitors

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Alexa! Ituloy Angsulong!

Sorry Im not around to give you the best gift- don’t worry, its just for now. Ill treat you all you want someday and im praying it’ll be just soon 🙂 Mwah!

Luckily, I need not a hair replacement for Alexa to like me 😛