Adsense hates family members?

Google AdSense <[email protected]>

“… Hello Almond Joy G. Lagaya,Your AdSense account was found to be related to an account previously
disabled for invalid click activity and we have therefore disabled your

That’s a quote from a forwarded mail from my brother. Few weeks ago he asked me if he can place his adsense on most of my project pages. Yes we are related, and No, we’re not clicking our own adsense. Why would we, that’s what i did that got my adsense banned 3 years ago. And I learned from that mistake.

But what do they mean with this “related to an account previously disabled…” ? WTF is that? everyone on my family tree doesnt get a chance ? This is way b*llsh*t


One more thing, why wasn’t it banned when i was just a small blogger hitting 25-40 unique visits a day? Is it just a coincidence that it got banned when im hitting 2000+ unique now?

I guess i have to go to Toronto plastic surgery in order for me to change my appearance and apply adsense again – nah, i want do it 😉