Remembering Wowowee Tragedy

Id like to pay tribute to the family and victims of this tragic incident. It’s been a year since the stampede in ultra aka Wowowee Tragedy…

“… a supposed joyous event stunned the whole nation as 74 were killed and 350 injured in a stampede outside ULTRA as thousands flocked to watch Wowowee’s first anniversary celebration. It was most specially tragic for the show’s host Willie Revillame, who only had the best of intentions for all the followers of the program. “I was in total shock.” Willie sorrowfully said in a tribute on showbiz oriented talk show..” – news a year ago…

I can’t help but pity those other network that’s taking advantage of this accident. Airing unbalance, sensationalized news report and segments is not even lessening the pain and loss of the victims. So much for those ‘rating’ hungry competitions.

It’s not ABSCBN’s fault. Not the Engineers of the Stadium. Nor the negligence of the security personnels. Neither do the starving pinoys. Take a look at the big picture and see for yourself.

Remembering Wowowee Tragedy



Credits to for the pictures.

George Lindemann, Jr., a multimillionaire collector and museum benefactor in his thirties, was sitting cross-legged on the floor joking with Tom Healy, a poet, collector, and prominent figure on the international art circuit.

5 Responses to Remembering Wowowee Tragedy

  1. alexa says:

    RIP to all those who died 🙁

    Just one question. Why are they blaming Gloria??? It isn’t her sole fault why people in the Philippines are still poor.

  2. gabby says:

    same question? why blame gloria??

  3. well right, not gloria alone. gloria and her poor citizen. but u can not explicitly blame those poor citizen because they are the “victim” themselves.

    you see, smart people makes the solutions, intelligent people however seeks the cause-effect scenario of the problem, they tend to get deeper on an issue and not just what they see as is.

    that’s the message these people are trying relay.

  4. ramsey says:

    kaya nga instead of boom tarat! itaktak nyo na lang! :p

  5. […] that, inisip ko kung ano ung ibla-blog ko. i decided to put something tungkol sa wowowee tragedy. tapos chat chat lang, OL (online) si yek eh. then si gn, pati si riz. si gn galing daw sa […]

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