Plen – the skateboarding robot

Plen -

If you’re fascinated with Asimo going up and down the stairs, playing with kids and talking tagalog during mall shows at Makati Shangri-La, perhaps you might want to get one but getting the PLEN instead could be an interim purchase decision until you’ve saved up enough money to own Honda Asimo – with a very high price tag.

PLEN, the skateboarding robot works great to relieve you of office boredom, and will definitely impress anyone who catches a glimpse of him. Plen features unique balancing skills that help him skateboard around your workspace, but unfortunately the high $2,000 price tag makes this Bluetooth-enabled robot out of reach for most people.

Still, $2,000 is way more attainable than driving home an Asimo.

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8 Responses to Plen – the skateboarding robot

  1. zettskie says:

    asteeg! 😀

  2. yeki bili mo ko!

    mga 9… or 9 pairs… gawa tayo hockey team 😀

  3. alexa says:

    hockey time pala ha! edi ikaw dang mahal naman nyan! cge ibbli kta! pag naging $9 nalang presyo nyan! haha!

  4. tsss

    di mo ko mahal… para plen lang eh

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  6. fionixe says:

    wey! an lupit naman nun. cute pa! hmm.. gaano kaya kalaki yun ?

  7. bvlxdlvn says:

    AukzmW ptjdbsjwexfz, [url=]yqmhsludkhwu[/url], [link=]ehtkuubzhzyc[/link],

  8. Wow!! Finally something to do with robots. Robots doing ollie look really fun!!1

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