Globe Telecom’s (more expensive) Unlimited Texting

Globe Telecom’s (more expensive) Unlimited Texting Globe Telecom’s (more expensive) Unlimited Texting
Globe Telecom’s (more expensive) Unlimited Texting Globe Telecom’s (more expensive) Unlimited Texting
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– Globe Telecom will offer different rates for its mobile phone unlimited SMS service starting February 1.
– Ayala-owned Globe, the country’s second biggest mobile phone service provider, will replace its “Unlimitxt” offer with the “Globe Unlimited Texting” service that will come in four variants.
– The company’s subscribers will pay P25 for a day of unlimited texting within the Globe network, with text messages sent to other networks costing P0.15 less, or P0.75 per SMS.
– Globe subscribers can also choose a daytime unlimited texting service which will run from 8 a.m. to 4:59 p.m. for P15 per day.
– Subscribers could also opt for a nighttime unlimited texting service from 10 pm to 7:59 am at P10 per day.
– The offer’s final version is the all-day unlimited texting service for P20, with messages to other networks’ subscribers at P0.90 per text.

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What a way to start the love month. Globe Telecom will sure break hundreds of heart this Valentine. Perhaps Globe is slashing out thier target market into few. As this thing theyve just done, only a few who would countinue to support this are those yuppies and business-involved poeple – of which using Globe as thier permanent business contact. And to Juan Dela Cruz et all ? i doubt.

Filipinos are born mautak, matipid and practical. More people will be switching to cheaper networks like Sun Cellular that offers unlimited voice and text messaging – with less price tags.

(Don’t worry i wont switch, i still find Globe’s coverage better than the competitions’. )

6 Responses to Globe Telecom’s (more expensive) Unlimited Texting

  1. niknok says:

    hmph….pati smart din!! la na cla unlimited tpos 35 na ang alltext… =C

  2. oh ? i didnt know that…

    what the hell are they thinking 🙁

    ang sun sana wag na makisabay…

  3. alexa says:

    awww bakit naman ganun? tsssskkkk ang dalang mo na tuloy matxt sakin 🙁

  4. alex says:

    pls send me cheats ng mg unli services nila

  5. Ada says:

    Globe has always been great. its just that they are too greedy it sucks! they know they are the best and they don’t know how to re-pay the people who in fact made them the best. GLOBE TELECOM you guys better start thinking before you start loosing you clients keep your feet on the ground. Good things come to good people.
    Ada – Technology Transfer

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