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“Hello?” – First Apple iPhone Commercial

Those smart marketing folks at Apple have managed to sneak in this quick iPhone commercial during this year’s Oscars. The 30-second spot apparently cost Apple around $1.7 million bucks. increased performance on wp 2.1.1

We’ve got a new bugfix and security release for both of our actively maintained branches of WordPress. Version 2.1.1 includes about 30 bug fixes, mostly minor things around encoding, XML-RPC, the object cache, and HTML code. It’s available for immediate download on our download page.

Ive noticed a huge performance increase at when i upgraded the engine from WP 2.1 to WP 2.1.1

My colleagues and I use to monitor our server’s resources. We noticed a titanic amount of memory consumption when we upgraded our WP engine to WP 2.1 few weeks ago. At some instance we experience a “server overload” because of huge unique traffic + numerous pageload a day. Not until now that everything since to be running smooth.

My 1st Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Experience (pbb2)

The Big Entrance to the Big Brother Season 2 Kickoff (Pinoy Dream Academy Concert Hall)

The Big Stage

Bianca Gonzales at the Monitor

Bianca Still . . .


Bianca w/ Jason

Still Bianca

Mariel and Toni onstage

at least w/ pics…

Lovers Fiona and Fred
Lovers Fiona and Fred

Thesis Food Party :P
Thesis consultation with Birthday Boy Alen
Original JPCS Weavers
Original JPCS Weavers – Pam, Ivy, Jeff

Sana Maulit Muli Takes Deal or No Deal Time Slot

Yes, i heard it right from Kim Chiu, after Gary V, Jay R Siaboc, Gerald, Six Part Inventions, Frio & True Faith performed “Sana Maulit Muli” tracks from their OST Album today at ASAP.

SMM will take KDoND Slot for now. Kris promised that theyll be back for KDoND Season 2. Pinoy Big Blogger blogged that the host’s contraversial involvement has nothing to do with it going offline, but all part of the network’s plan for and for Kris Aquino’s short break before giving birth to baby James.

Retz also has some tidbits that one of KDoND 26KGirls ‘Missy’ Joined Binibining Pilipinas 2007 pageant.

“Till we deal again”