Something borked my blog x_x

Yes. That was the reason why i put this blog offline for almost a day. Thank God i have back up servers that i can migrate sites to whatever host i choose too.

Until now, I have not figured out what causes this issue – except that it all started when i upgraded my WP 2.0.7 to WP 2.1 Ella. I have several install of WP Old that I upgraded too but this thing happened ONLY at my If it’s bugging my blog, it does bug me too, you know:|

Nuff said, what matters now is that im back and i learned a lot from it. I learned to tail, to tar, to gzip, to restart, to ls -s, to netstat apn, and so on… Things i usually dont use everyday…

While waiting for my site’s address to be binded to the new host IP, I just kept my self busy with the latest blog project i spearheaded. Id like to invite everyone to please support GandangPinay.Com – A niche photoblog of Filipina Beauties. Showcasing Philippines’ Finest Celebrity Faces and Personalities!

Not to forget that i was also busy with the lapsed IDS redesign project and the “Wine” task i got from my boss yesterday.

I heart me because i heart my job 😛