Recover Files

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Whatever your media (MMC, Flash Disks, Broken Diskettes, Scratched CD, etc.) Even if your file was deleted or it has been formatted for like 5-7 times, DONT LOSE HOPE! MERONG HIMALA (english : there’s a miracle!)


Believe me, I just did. This morning i took a pictures of my stuff i got from Blog Parteeh last night. When I was about to transfer it, Meralco did what they love to do – POWER FAILURE. I have no idea what time it’ll be back, i decided to sleep. I woke up with my dad shouting that he needs the camera. so i took it from my desk, deleted the pictures, and gave it to him with a smile 🙂

After 20 minutes when my PC boots up, I realize something is missing. THE PICTURES of my FREEBIES! This is pure “Alimpungatan” I was in shock for a minute. Then i realize … *pfffft* i can get these pictures in 5 minutes

Recovering Deleted Files -
During the recovery process…

Recovering Deleted Files -
I was able to recover 133 Files our Sony Digital Cam Memory stick (i only need 9 files)

BadCopy Pro saved the day!

We’ve known this method for about 4 years ago. Base on my friends’ experiences. CEH (Cert. Ethical Hacker) Chris Chavez, demonstrated this during the EC Council Security Summit (Disaster Recover Topic) last September 2006.