Technorati is borked right now.

2 things i learned today

1) is I have nothing to do why my links / trackbacks are gone on my dashboard and i am very sure that i did not play with my meta tags today (with reference to my arrg  post yesterday) and


2) i learned what BORKED means. Thanks to Urban Dictionary. it means something "Irreversibly damaged" (ie. my brother’s brain is borked.) j/k emoticon


For a couple of minutes goes down…
Technorati is borked!

but as of pressing that "save and continue editing" button, the site is up back once again.
and still, they havent fixed my updated links yet emoticon

4 Responses to Technorati is borked right now.

  1. baddie says:

    I’m having the same updated links problem too with one of my blogs. They fixed it once, two weeks after I sent an email to support. Worked fine for about a month, then it’s at it again. Stupid spiders.

  2. Anna says:

    Do you happen to know why one day Technorati tells me I have a number of links from blogs, and the next day it’s less blogs linking to me? (I didn’t do anything.)

    On another topic… you probably know this site about havaianas, but it’s too beautiful not to be mentioned: Havaianas.

  3. poell says:

    @baddie thanks for the information… i guess i have to wait for a week for mine to get Pinged.

    @anna… hi anna, welcome back…. i think theres something going on inside technorati… several errors and glitches are said to be found just within the week. this site itself hasnt been pinged and my link was never updated and says it was updated 118 days ago…

    and about havaianas, yes i am very much familiar with that. i myself is a collector of it… im planning to have a niche blog for havainas collector..

  4. Apurve Mehra says:

    That was a really good article, thanks for taking the time to put it together! You have managed to point out some very good points. I can’t say that I completely agree about some points, but you certainly have a unique perspective. Anyway, I like your post

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