Melissa Ricks & Bree Turner

A good blog friend of mine who blogs about pictures and stuff of female celebrity just posted Bree Turner (of which i requested! yipee!). While watching the movie ‘Just My Luck’ last night cant help but say on my mind – she really looks like a young Melissa Ricks 😉

Melissa Ricks by the way is one among the Magic Circle of 5 of Star Circle Quest (SCQ) Season 1 is a reality-based talent search shown on ABS-CBN 2

Melissa Ricks

 Bree Turner - 
Bree Turner

9 Responses to Melissa Ricks & Bree Turner

  1. Anna says:

    You’re right, they very much look alike (I would have thought it’s the same person)!

  2. poell says:

    yeah… she’s only 16 or 17 i think… i guess they got separated at birth 😛 oh btw anna meet my girl alexa … she may not be as good looking as though celebs on your blog , but she’s definitely the prettiest girl in my life 🙂

  3. Lewis Lim says:

    Mukha ni Melissa at ni Bree Turner????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Don’t let me down,Melissa is quite lousy.According 2 our lim family she is one of our worst nightmares ever.Ricks deseves a rate of -10,she must admit that she sucks.Boo 4 Melissa.

  4. Lewis Lim says:

    Ang masasabi ko lang kay Melissa Ricks ng SCQ ay Hayup Ka!

  5. Lewis Lim says:

    i think bree turner looks like Pia Guanio. u guys got it all wrong.

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