i played with my meta tags before i sleep and now my backlinks are gone… 

bummer  emoticon

update : arrg no more! after 30 minutes of meta tweaking, i was able to get back what i want :emoticon <— ramsey and me… cheers!

5 Responses to arrg…

  1. […] Artist Name: Harvey Bunda Artist Country: Philippines Entered for: EXPOSÉ 5 Company: thousand-clocks orchestra Website: Software used: Corel – Painter and Adobe – Photoshop Wooot! My friend Harvey Bunda is one the person who have good eyes when it comes in Art, Creativity and ***. hahaha. He is one of my mentor like my master Poell when it comes in designing. […]

  2. ramsey says:

    nakalink ka na ah!

  3. poell says:

    oo nga. bokbok 😐

    jsonv says:

    poknat enge ako ng chocnut

  4. alexa says:

    yehey buti nalang naayos mo. kiss kta! mmmwah

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