Lucky 9 and yeyek’s new 20Q Toy

while my baby does her daily blog and now talks about how freezing Sunny D (that’s san diego, ca. 😀 ); bust bud ramsey on the other hand hasnt updated his blog yet and still talking about some fix on some error he found at ubuntu’s beryl.

ok, with the lucky 9 thing…
Lucky 9 at blogtopsites!
im not aspiring to hit the top 1 spot, im ok and happy with my lucky number 9! ive been waiting for that 9 spot for a long long time 😛

That’s alexa’s new 20Q toy she bought at walmart. A bit bigger than tamagotchi and far more better than the 8Ball toy. This stuff knows what you are thinking. FOR REAL!!! 

That’s why its named "20Q" — the toy will try to ask you 20 questions and will try to reveal what’s stuff is in your mind… i personally tried the flash version and it’s so cool and really rocks!

Here’s a link to alexa’s page