I got paid for blogging. And it’s not adsense!

yeah not adsense. i have an outstanding issue with adsense and they always decline my application 🙁 well anyway, thats not my story this one’s for real, short term and easier.

Get this :

10 links = 1,000 Php (that’s 20$)
Plus 200 if you post before the date they specified 😉 that simple!

its called BlogToProfit, they hook you up with advertisers thats interested on sponsoring on your page. It wont cost you anything, nothing to buy, no risk emoticonYou’d just have to blog OR comment OR review OR mention them anywhere at your blog or simple post the links they’ll give and THAT’s IT!

Here’s my screenshot of my payout mail… i chose bank to bank wire transfer. You can be paid thru PAYPAL though!
Blog to Profit!

I’d post my EON Bank screenshot if Unionbank’s online banking gets back.


click the logo above to join, id appreciate if you place [email protected] as your referal… what could be more than aknowledging someone who just gave you a favor 😉

others who had been paid :


9 Responses to I got paid for blogging. And it’s not adsense!

  1. jsonv says:

    yup… and im waiting for my 2nd payout…

    woist pong yang tatlong yan eh referrals mo?

  2. poell says:

    nope… i just saw them over google… ang daming ang iinarte about BlogToProfit…

    who cares, as long as we’re helping both ends… we’re on this!

  3. jsonv says:

    sino nagiinarte?

  4. jsonv says:

    woist pong! ayos yang top commentators ah! san mo nadownload yan? pang 1.5 lang yung nakita ko eh! bigay mo yung link!

  5. poell says:

    search mo sa google blogtoprofit! basahin mo ung mga blog na kesyo they would never cross the line… mga ganyang arte…

    eto ung sa plugin http://www.johntp.com/2006/04/29/top-commentators-plugin-for-wordpress/

  6. alexa says:

    hoy penge pera! ang yaman mo na!

  7. alexa says:

    psst kiss mo ko!
    galit ka na noh:(
    kasi nanggulo ako sa site mo!
    pero yehey nataasan ko na si ram!
    top2 commentator nako!! bwahaha!

  8. poell says:

    its ok dear… im not mad 😛 keep tagging!

  9. […] i have 2 existing prepaid card but i doubt theyll last for another 5 hrs so sabi ko kay nico bili nya ko.. ayaw… i promise to give him a small share kasi i got paid (2nd time)  from ph.blogtoprofit.com […]

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