Sana Maulit Muli + Cramming as always + Virtual Reality

I might turn other people off if i admit than im so much into this soap "Sana maulit muli". A show very much similar to the movie If Only. Yes i am. Im really into it that i did paused for about 30 minutes to give way and concentrate watching it. The episode today was very much Filipino. Inlaws issue that is emoticon

Cramming. yeah i am. i have to come up – or should i say revise an AVP that was shelved last year during the 1st Cavite City Youth IT Conference which was held at the SSCR 4th Centenial Gymnasium. It was put off since the venue is too bright and the projector is too useless for it.

VirtuSphere: Serious Games as a Virtual Adventure
Lastly, while bloghopping this morning, i came upon into Eliane’s page about Future-Making Serious Games. I would have red all post but time wouldnt permit. But i did read about VirtuSphere . It’s is a new locomotion technology which can create a unique immersive virtual reality experience for the user, as it enables the user to do life-like movements inside cyberspace. Read on here if you find the topic interesting.

Well FYI, it was way back late 90’s that i got to have my 1st hand experience with VR. Yeah, during our educational tour at Shangri-La.

TRIVIA: Pong was the first succesful arcade video game. It was designed by Nolan Bushnell and Alan Alcorn. The game play was extremely simple. It has two players, both which controlled a vertical bar which could bounce back a moving dot which moving between the vertical bars. Nolan placed the first game machine in a local gas station. When he became back the machine ceased to operate which it was full of money. Pong became an instant success and it created the arcade video game industry.